‘Whatever Julius Randle’s Name’: Shaq Hilariously Confuses Knicks Superstar With Grizzlies Legend Zach Randolph On NBAonTNT


Shaq takes to NBAonTNT talk about the New York Knicks but confuses Julius Randle’s name with the former Grizzly bear, Zach Randolph.

it seems that Shaq was placed on the NBAonTNT ready to confuse his cast members while still providing viewers with hilarious content. From his tiffs with Charles Barkley to trying to praise Giannis Antetokounmpo in Greek, Shaq has always proven himself to be intentionally and in some cases unintentionally the funniest NBA analyst on television.

In a segment with his teammates Candace Parker, Dwyane Wade and Adam Lefkoe, the Lakers legend dove deep into the state of the New York Knicks. The Knicks, led by Julius Randle who has an MVP-esque season, are currently in a home advantage spot in the Playoffs in the East.

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This unprecedented success could be attributed to a multitude of factors all playing out simultaneously. Derrick Rose’s spark plug scores off the bench, their top 5 league defense thanks to the coach Thibs, or the fact that Julius Randle and RJ Barrett have come a long way; the Knicks are back, according to Stephen A. Smith.

Shaq hilariously confuses Julius Randle with Zach Randolph.

In that same segment on the New York Knicks, Shaq adds yet another hilarious blunder to his list of confusions on NBAonTNT. This time around, the 4x champion mistakes Julius Randle for Zach Randolph and claims Z-Bo was right on his mind at the time.

“They (Knicks) are playing well and Thibodeaux is doing a great job and Zach Randolph is playing MVP caliber basketball. Adam Lefkow would have interuppt him telling him it’s Julius Randle, not Randolph, to which Shaq replies, “Whatever his name.”

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This may be seen as disrespecting the Knicks All-Star by some, but with the light-hearted nature of the conversation, it may really have been a confusion on the part of Shaq, who might have thought of Zach Randolph at the time.

Whether or not Shaquille O’Neal is right about his name, it won’t stop Randle from wreaking havoc in the playoffs. Having an edge on the field in New York is a more powerful advantage than most people realize, given the rabid nature of the Knicks fans at Madison Square Garden.


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